Published by Homnisphères editions, Dominations is not exactly an art book...

"...Neither is it a retrospective, a chronology, a catalogue or monograph. And it is not a picture book with a story to tell. The Story, here, isn’t one that can be told like that. It is one which can only be lived a story that encroaches on all our lives

It’s the harrowing story of domination, at times direct, more often than not, insidious; dominations that hound, crush and suffocate us.

The title of the book could make you think that you had in hand a political treatise. But on leafing through it, you might well imagine that it's an art book…

However… it is not an art book.

It is a book of our times – this modern age of new, previously unimaginable pleasure and comfort, of amazing technologies, of pure, non-dialectical materialism. It could have been the bedside book of an era in which – as we are led to believe – the asperities of History have been smoothed out or eliminated. This same History whose sole intention was to lead us by the hand to where we are now. To the very heart of modernity..."

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