Sea Ghosts, in situ

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The project

The book : Sea Ghosts

The book Fantômes de la Mer by Bruce Clarke documents the project paying tribute to migrants, victims of trans-Mediterranean human trafficking.
We know deep down, despite the blind eye turned, that the migrants won't go away. From time to time we do pay more attention - because of the Syrian refugee crisis, for example - but we rarely recognise trans-Mediterranean migration as a long-term phenomenon and a reality of our contemporary world. Whether we accept to look it in the face or not.
The artistic project attempts to ender visible the hidden, ignored, denied victims, ordinary people - real enough to be painted, real enough to be distinguished behind a metaphoric screen of water; this thin sheet of water which could save them or engulf them, fragile, beautiful and extremely dangerous.
The exhibitions will be composed of these symbolic representations of migrants who have become "sea ghosts"

ARTCO publishers. Author Bruce Clarke. Additional contributions from Maria Malagardis, Gaël Faye and Corinne Moncel.
Bilingual English/French. 32 €
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