Unwanted, Dorothée Munyaneza

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Unwanted, by Dorothée Munyaneza

Wrecked by the dreadful crime many of them became pregnant by their torturers

Undesirable children were born reminding their mothers of the crime that shattered them

Children disowned by their mothers, their families, the society

How to dance after that?

How to dance at all?

How to sing?

How to speak?

How to live?

conception Dorothée Munyaneza

with Holland Andrews, Alain Mahé et Dorothée Munyaneza

plastic artist Bruce Clarke

music Dorothée Munyaneza, Holland Andrews, Alain Mahé

artistic advisor Faustin Linyekula

light designer Christian Dubet

set designer Vincent Gadras

costume designer Stéphanie Coudert

Creation for the Festival d'Avignon, July 2017. More info